Martin Mull | Harvest

Martin Mull | Harvest

September 21, 2019

Harvest is a homecoming of sorts, a reunification of images that have aided and abetted Martin Mull's work for decades. The players in this visual game of tag are drawn from both anonymous and personal photographs gathered over the years, coerced by the artist into interactions at once profound and deeply absurd. The resulting visual dramas portray the human condition in a non-judgmental yet emotionally fertile tableau. All is subject to inquiry, including the importance of art in our time of rapid, technology-driven social change. (See: "Creating Work Where None Exists.") Mull is predictably obtuse, refusing to disclose his personal thoughts on the matter: if there are answers it is only the viewer who can provide them. In Harvest, Martin Mull has laid out the elements of dialogue, the phonetic beats of a conversation yet to come.

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