Molly Enholm, Art Ltd, January 2013

Critic’s Picks: Los Angeles 

By Molly Enholm
Art Ltd
January 2013

In Blue McRight’s previous exhibition at Samuel Freeman’s former
Bergamot Station location, No One You Know, the LA-based artist
streamlined a 1958 Mascot Holly Travel Coach camper by cutting out
the middle of the trailer, and reassembling the remaining halves back
together. Circling the trailer parked in the middle of the gallery, was a
collection of intimately scaled oil on torn-notebook paper paintings,
unframed, hung at eye level, depicting portraits of similar trailers and
displaced figures united by a surreal dystopian atmosphere replete
with ironic undertones. In a side gallery, “the chapel,” mysterious birds
wrapped in black and draped with ebony horsehair-like twine heightened
the mystery, as though entering into some ancient ritual room frozen in
time. McRight’s new works exchange the image of “the trailer” with a
mysterious woman in orange who seems to be symbolically tied to
water, whether standing in the ocean or transforming into a suburban
spout. Man-made devices used for the dissemination of water are
further explored in a series of hybrid objects; gnarled, broken and bound
tree branches or hardware combined with water nozzles, hoses—both
from gardening to the type used in underwater diving, each delivering
the basic necessities of life. In McRight’s hands these ready-made
objects assume life-like characteristics, from the anthropomorphic
struggle of Bed Wetter, the willow-esque Sluice, to the alert
Big Rainmaker. These works are engaging on more than one level;
playful animation yet solemn in their associations of excess. The aptly
titled, “Quench,” runs January 12 – February 16 at Samuel Freeman
in Culver City.