Edward Goldman, KCRW, February 24 2009


By Edward Goldman
February 2009

As I made my gallery rounds last week, the subject of the miraculous transformation of humble materials into inspiring works of art kept coming up. Los Angeles artist Mineo Mizuno, in the exhibition of his new works at Samuel Freeman Gallery in Bergamot Station, returns to familiar territory with his large ceramic spherical sculptures, but adds a new twist. By planting moss onto their surfaces, the artist treats them as living sculptures, whose ‘skin' keeps grow- ing and changing color – from light green to rich brown.

If you are lucky, you can catch a special ‘performance' of sorts: high above the sculptures hovers a thin pipe twisted into an elegant metal pretzel. Every hour, for only twenty seconds, this pipe is activated, sending down a cloud of mist to feed the moss. When I brought a group of collectors to see the show, the conversation came to a halt the very moment this poetic performance took place.