Llyn Foulkes and Katy Stone

Llyn Foulkes and Katy Stone

October, 2006

Artists Katy Stone and Llyn Foulkes examine the interplay, complicity and contention between the natural and unnatural at Patricia Faure Gallery, from October 21 – November 25, 2006. An opening reception for both shows will take place Saturday, October 21, from 5-8 pm.

At a stunning 8 feet tall (and an impressive 8 inches deep), Llyn Foulkes mixed media painting The Lost Frontier will be the sole artwork in Patricia Faure Gallery’s second room. Replete with a gun-toting Mickey Mouse-faced frontier woman, a Los Angeles cityscape littered with debris and dead animals, and a pernicious blank television screen, Foulkes’ relief utilizes oil, plywood and found materials to prosecute a biting critique of the tenuous ground upon which Americans’ often-dreamlike bliss rests.

Working with a combination of conventional and unconventional media—acrylic paint on mylar—Seattle-based artist Katy Stone merges sculpture, drawing and painting to create assemblages that literally jump off the walls. In her work, Stone applies acrylic paint to mylar sheets, cuts the sheets into long strips, and assembles them into expansive, overflowing structures. Bearing such formally apt titles as Cascade, Red Fall, and Willow Undercurrent 3, her pieces appear to cascade from the walls in coruscating strands. The overflow of artificial material in these rich constructions suggests a ubiquitous yet often discreet synergy between the natural and the synthetic. Each sprawling also piece creates a dialogue between artwork and its reflection, filtering light and shadows to produce distorted impressions on the wall behind it.

Saturday, October 21 - November 25, 2006.