Second Home


Second Home

December, 2006

After 12 years at the helm of the exalted gallery bearing her name, Patricia Faure will officially hand the reigns over to Cartelle Gallery founder Samuel Freeman. At 78 years

of age, Ms. Faure will retain an active role in guiding the gallery, but will step down as executive director. The gallery will continue to operate under the name Patricia Faure Gallery, maintaining the tone and quality set forth by Ms. Faure. The transition to new ownership, initiated in January 2006 with the legal transfer to Samuel Freeman LLC, has taken place throughout this year and will be celebrated formally with an inaugural show titled “Second Home” to open December 9, 2006. The title “Second Home” is a reference to the 1990 "Home" exhibition, held at the Asher/Faure Gallery. "Second Home" challenges participating artists to engage with the subtle intricacies of suburban life, revealing colorful juxtaposition of banality, idiosyncrasy and humor. From a rifle-wielding young woman to a weathered trailer parked on an isolated expanse of land, to a romantic triangle taking place in a picket-fenced part of town, “Second Home” unravels a paradoxical subtext underlying the orderly facade of the American suburb. This show will include works by Martin Mull, Michael McMillen, Craig Kauffman, Raymond Pettibon, Carrie Jenkins, Masami Teraoka, Alejandro Gehry and Blue McRight. George Herms will construct an assemblage in the gallery courtyard, as a personal tribute to Patricia Faure. In the Small Gallery, Margaret Nielsen will present a concise show of ceramic works.

Saturday, December 9, 2006 - January 20, 2007