Blue McRight | No One You Know


Blue McRight | No One You Know

May, 2009

With the paintings lining the gallery walls and a major installation, Holly Mascott (a rescaled and refurbished 1950s trailer) as the exhibition’s centerpiece, “no one you know” is an examination of the forces and freedoms that define movement and mobility within the American Dream. Public and private spaces are literally and figuratively squeezed in the nipped-and-tucked Holly, while the images about the gallery depict an unnamed isolation, idealism, hope and loss. All the paintings are untitled, but with evocative subtitles, McRight conjures up a highly personal narrative that hits strikingly close to home…no matter what highway said home happens to be hurtling down.

McRight’s most recent work at Samuel Freeman, “On the Lawn” and “Swarm” in 2007, examined the interplay between humans and their environment, paying humorous attention the paradoxes constructed therein. Prior to that, McRight exhibited the installation “Morandi’s Lawn” in 2005 at the Santa Monica Museum of Art. An installation of 400 glass, plastic and metal containers covered in artificial turf, “Morandi’s Lawn” took aim at issues of consumption, recycling, regeneration and the environment.

May 16 to June 27, 2009