Mostly Sculpture (Damn It)

Mostly Sculpture (Damn It)

July, 2009

For its summer group show (opening July 11), Samuel Freeman will be exhibiting a group show of mostly sculpture. While looking for new painters for a group exhibition, Mr. Freeman quite accidentally accumulated sculptors instead. The plan for a ‘New Paintings’ show was smothered by the weight and brilliance of these unplanned and unsought sculptors. “Mostly Sculpture (damn it)” is the outcome. The exhibition will still include several two-dimensional works to highlight the object quality and physical interaction of sculpture, but will remain dedicated to the absurd, the delicate, and the impossible within contemporary sculpture.

The roster of artists is drawn from within the gallery’s history and from new sources. Berg, Myers and Kozul join us from New York, Ko from Washington, Farrow out of San Francisco, Rath, Redding and Squires from Los Angeles, and Hollinger from Boston.

Artists include:

The Reverend Ethan Acres

Tim Berg & Rebekah Myers

Al Farrow

George Herms

Steve Hollinger

Ewerdt Hilgemann

Kazuo Kadonaga

Jae Ko

Kristian Kozul

Jake Longstreth

Jessica Rath

Jheri Redding

Hedi Sorger

Todd Squires

Jeremy Thomas

Michelle Wiener

Dustin Yellin

July 11 – August 29, 2009